Fish Oil and Menopause

Fish oil and other omega-3 sources can’t cure menopause. That’s a fact. Menopause isn’t a disease rather a natural happening in a woman’s life. Thus, menopause isn’t the one being cured rather the symptoms that goes with it.

Fish Oil For Menopause

Menopause is a challenge, at least for majority of those who are in their menopausal age. Some women don’t experience the menopause symptoms but many can describe the experience as a torment. Known menopause symptoms that affect women’s life are as follow:

  1. Hot flushes. Hot flashes can wake women up. It can range from mild to severe occurrences.
  2. Sleep disruption and insomnia. Due to hot flushes, insomnia and sleep disruption can occur frequently.
  3. Depression and mood swings. Due to the hormone changes, depression and moods wings can occur with all other symptoms getting in.
  4. Osteoporosis. Due to the menopause symptoms and the natural cause of aging, bone loss can occur.
  5. Loss of libido. When hormones drop, sexual interest may also be affected.
  6. Vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is one symptom that can be treated and prevented.
  7. Weight gain. When estrogen is in erratic, the chance to gain weight is even bigger.
  8.  Bowel Incontinence
  9.  Palpitations

Fish oil as a Possible Menopause Solutions Remedy

The major cause of the menopausal symptoms is due to the decline of hormones. Estrogen, during the menopausal stage, form 50’s and onwards or earlier, declines in production and cause panic of system in women’s body.

A factor in a woman’s life that adds to menopause occurrence is the factor of aging. Menopause occurs at a woman’s middle life making her vulnerable from its symptoms.

But then there can be solutions to this. Recommended remedy includes change of diet, more exercise and supplements. Fish oil supplements to be exact. Why? Fish oil have omega-3, omega-3 is the key to a manageable menopause experience.

Fish oil and omega-3 on the other hand has been found out to have cut hot flushes among those who are under menopause. Also, other components of the supplement are known for relieving some psychological stress that the cycle can develop. Fish oil improves mood and helps in memory problems common at later age.

When hot flashes are addressed by the supplement, chances are, sleep disruptions will also be lessened. But aside from it, omega-3 can be a great benefit on heart health, fight against cholesterol and strengthen bones.

The Sources

Even though, during your menopausal stage, you eat a lot of fish oil and other omega-3 sources, you can never get enough the level of the nutrients that you need to combat the menopausal stress and all of its bodily symptoms.

A supplement then seems a reasonable choice. But then there can be a catch in the process. You may be taking some medication and can’t be possibly taking the supplement. Anti coagulant drugs for medication and combination of fish oil can cause blood thinning and even bleeding. Another common side effect of it is indigestion and gas. So, yes, check with your doctor first.

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