Muscles act like an elastic rubber in the human body. It is significant for the production of force and motion in all animals, including man. The cells in our muscles contains myosin and actin, both of which are filaments of protein that slide over each other causing contraction. All motions and force in the our body is carried out by our muscle. Therefore, I can without doubt say our muscles are important to our body.

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These muscles, due to over-use, injuries, tension, and stress and so on, get to send painful signal to our brains, and thus, we feel muscular pains. When this happens, 21st century human quickly turns to orthodox medicine for a medication to reduce, lower and erase the pain totally. Some may be on medication for a long time.

But, come to think of holistic and easy natural ways of reducing and, often times, getting rid of muscular pains totally. I call these methods the natural ways of healing muscle pains. Today, I will focus on one of the methods that I use every time I get knocked down and out of soccer pitch due to muscle pain, the water therapy.

How does water heal muscle pain? Well, it does in two main ways, when it is warm, and when it is cold.

Knowing the different time to use each is what I will be discussing today. My grandmother used to tell me that it is good to soccer, but when you get injured and you have no bruise, don’t take it lightly. I don’t want to get into medical terms, so I will be as simple as my granny.


When you have wounded yourself, any part of your body, (this happens to me most on my ankle) and you have a swollen part that is when to use the cold water therapy. Simply clean the swollen part with a clean towel and normal water, get a small bottle or nylon filled with ice blocks or you can get a frozen bottle of water. Find a place to relax yourself and stretch out the wounded part. Place the ice on the wounded part for as long as like 30 minutes. I bet the wounded part will itself feel like it is frozen, don’t mind the attitude, Step into a bath, and get yourself a cold bath after that, eat some fruits and relax (or get some sleep). By the time you wake up, you should be brand as new. This is something I try every time, personally, and it’s always worked well for me (and not read off some textbook).

Now what if the wounded part is not swollen, and yet you feel a lot of pain there? Then you need the warm water therapy.

To effectively achieve this, you will need the help of your wife (for the married) and a caring male, your mother, grandmother or a girlfriend (for the single). That’s a joke anyways, anyone can help you out. Heat up a pot or jug of water (I will advice not to boil it but some do go on to boiling point). Clean up the wound section with a clean towel then sit/lay down relaxed making the wounded part obvious to the person helping you. Let the person soak a clean towel in the warm/hot/boiled water (already in a bowl), squeeze off the water and massage the wounded part with the hot towel. It takes care to do well and gently. (Boiled water can affect some people’s skin, and so it is best to leave it warm and not boiled or mix with ordinary water if it is too hot).

Keep the massage on till the water in the bowl gets cool. You can then have a warm/hot bathe after that and some eat food, relax and sleep. When you wake up, the pain will be gone. The touch of love helps to reduce the pain the warm water gives your skin, so I usually prefer my wife’s hand. She’s grown to be good at this.

So next time you get a muscle pain, check if the affected part is swollen or not, apply the water therapy and see how a natural cure can get you out of your pain, with swallowing any pills or taking any injections.