Prostate Cancer

The prostate itself is an exocrine gland that exists only in men and situated between the bladder and penis. As we know, the bladder is the organ within our system that temporarily stores urine before it is passed out via the penis. The primary function of the prostate gland includes; secreting about 30% of the fluid making up the semen, it increases the motility of these spermatozoa and helps them live longer. Also, the wall of the prostate gland is made of particular muscles called smooth muscles which help to expel semen during ejaculation, plus this gland helps in regulating urination. Cancer on the other hand is an abnormal growth sourcing from one part of the body and has potential of spreading out to other parts of the body. Hence, prostate cancer is basically cancer or abnormal growth arising from the prostate gland (a gland only found in men).  Reduce your risk of having prostate cancer today, check out these amazing ladies at Sex resort colombia and DC GFE Escorts. Some of the factors that can bring about this medical condition include;

  • Being a man: the fact that you are a man means you possess the prostate gland which in turn implies that you can come down with this condition unlike our female counterpart (because they lack this gland). Just as men do not come down with cervical cancer, women do not come down with prostate cancer.
  • Age: Another risk factor is one’s age. Men of age 40 and above are more at risk of coming down with this medical condition. Only in rare cases do you find otherwise.
  • Familial (Hereditary): Any man whose dad or relative had prostate cancer is more likely to have prostate cancer than a man whose bloodline has no record of such.
  • Diet: Also, consuming a diet that is rich in fats as well as being obese can predispose one to have prostate cancer.

All the above-stated facts are factors among others that make one prone to this condition. However, with proper care and nutrition, we can live a long healthy life without fear of coming down with such situation.

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